Marilyn Paxton & Mike Richard

Golden Lake, ON 

1253 Tramore Rd
RR 1
Golden Lake, ON K0J1X0
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Product Types: Kombucha beverage. Suitable for raw, vegan & organic dietsDuck Eggs, available at our farm gate.

About Us
Kombucha is an organic, raw, amazingly healthy drink that contains probiotics, loads of vitamins, and detoxification properties to cleanse the body and support a healthy immune system....... after having enjoyed store bought kombucha for a while, and testing different brands and flavors, I thought to try producing our own. after much research and a few mistakes, the brew has been perfected to a delicious fizzy refreshing drink

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Kombucha ingredients are simple. It�s tea + water + sugar + SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast). Kombucha starts out with the basic ingredients, and after it has rested and brewed for 5-15 days, a second ferment is done, that's where the flavor ingredients are added and extra fizz is produced.

Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)
We practice safe food handling and all bottles used are sterilised before brewing. Our home kitchen has not been inspected by the local Health Unit. We follow the food safety procedures and eat the same foods that we produce for sale. Our ducks eggs are from happy, healthy, free range ducks.We supplemented with organic feed. The pens are cleaned and inspected regularly as are the ducks! 

Additional Information
Kombucha is sold in 750ml reusable glass bottles &8.00

Highlights this Month
Each month we promote a different Kombucha flavor. July is watermelon ginger August might be strawberry or blueberry, fall would be apple cinnamon etc


Supporting local, sustainable agriculture is so important to us and the OVFC makes it remarkably easy to do so. It’s wonderful that we have the chance to reconnect with the community that we know and love even though we’re no longer living right in the valley.  The Co-op is one of the things we miss most about Renfrew County, so I was more than delighted to learn that you were adding a pick-up location in Ottawa. 

Sara Kowalski MacLellan

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