Organic (non-certified); pears, apples, juices & vinegars, vegetables, herbs, salves. Nature photo cards, chocolates, music CD's

Christina & Robbie Anderman
3416 Mountain View Road RR#4
Killaloe, ON K0J2A0

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Morninglory Farm, founded in 1969 near Killaloe, is an intentional community of 26 residents (14 adults, 12 children) co-operating in 9 separate family households on 100 hilly acres of woods, fields, gardens, orchards, pond, and stream. There are three generations living on the farm. We have begun learning from the previous farm families who lived here and next door, how they did things on the farm in the pioneer days, some precious knowledge that we would like to use and preserve.
We grow and produce using organic and natural methods and ingredients. Our homes/home businesses are powered with solar electricity, and heated with wood and solar. We use hay mulch on vegetable gardens and fruit trees, using grass cut by hand scythes (Ethan and Robbie), as well as hay and straw from neighbouring farms.

We often have young adult helpers join us for a few months from the 'WWOOF' program ('World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms') to apprentice and live on the land, receiving room & board in return for their help.


All products and ingredients are 100% natural (many certified organic), Non-Genetically Modified, and Fair Trade certified where applicable (chocolate and sugar). Vegetables, fruits, and herbs are grown naturally with no chemicals on our farm, and bread ingredients are locally or regionally grown except for the seed & spices.

Ethan's Chocolate Bars & Hearts: Chocolate*#, Cocoa Butter*#, Unrefined Sugar*#, [flavours*], vanilla*#

*=Certified Organic, #=Fair Trade Certified
Christina's Toasted Pumpkin Seeds: Pumpkin Seeds*, Lemon Juice*, Wheat-free Tamari*. Soaked overnight, heated on low heat till dry.

Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)

We use no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, and no genetically modified seeds in our vegetable gardens & orchards: we fertilize with composted manure (horse and cattle manure from the neighbours, and our own chicken manure) and composted vegetable waste with rock powders. We grow vegetables in raised beds, mulched with straw and hay (scythed ourselves and bought from neighbours), using untreated seeds (some heritage & most open pollinated). We always use crop rotation. Our root vegetables are stored in the original (refurbished) 100-year-old root cellar built into the hill, where they stay firm and fresh all through the winter. Our apples are stored in the old farmhouse cellar. Fruit juices are pressed in an old oak juice press, or made into apple/pear sauce, and are heated and processed into glass canning jars. Ethan dries some of our pears and apples in slices on screens in the house above the woodheatstove. Robbie has raised many interesting Northern varieties of pear and apple trees, some heritage varieties; 13 pear varieties, 8 apple varieties plus wild fruit trees.

Non-Inspected Kitchen Statement

Our home kitchen and juice press where we prepare all our processed food (canned juices, vinegars, chocolate, pesto, breads) has not been inspected by the local Health Unit. We follow the usual food safety procedures and eat all the same foods that we produce for sale, and have been producing these foods for family and friends for 30 years.

Additional Information

Our products are 100% local, except the ingredients for the Fair Trade Chocolates made by Ethan Anderman, and the tamari & lemon ingredients in Christina's organic Toasted Lemon-Tamari Pumpkin Seeds. The sourdough breads are made by Ethan Anderman, from freshly hand- and stone-ground rye and spelt flours, from grain grown in Eastern Ontario. Ben takes local nature photos and has them printed into notecards by Bayberry Lane Print Shop in Barry's Bay. The pears and apples for juice and vinegar are grown by Robbie and Ethan Anderman, with some help from Christina. Various vegetables are grown by the Anderman family, Audrey Breton, and Diana MacAuley. Salves, dried herbs, and tinctures are mostly made by Diana MacAuley, from homegrown & wildcrafted and organic ingredients. Robbie Anderman is a musician of many instruments, and his CD's are a co-operation with other local musicians, produced in the amazing eco-friendly 'Earth Ship Studio' near Killaloe (

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Supporting local, sustainable agriculture is so important to us and the OVFC makes it remarkably easy to do so. It’s wonderful that we have the chance to reconnect with the community that we know and love even though we’re no longer living right in the valley.  The Co-op is one of the things we miss most about Renfrew County, so I was more than delighted to learn that you were adding a pick-up location in Ottawa. 

Sara Kowalski MacLellan

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