Naturally grown vegetables, jellies, jams, ketchup, breads, salad dressing, pesto,tomato sauce, chutneys, pickles

Nicolas Greco
141 Malone road
Chichester, QC J0X 1M0

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About Us
In 2000, my husband had been a business man for 15 years. We were stressed, living in Montreal, far away from the countryside. Our daughter was 2. That same year, we decided to retire from this kind of life. Nicolas went back to his favorite activity: energetic therapy. But still, something very important was missing. We were having a beautiful dream but we were waiting to get retired to try to realize it. One day, my daughter asked Nicolas if we could get her a horse. And that was it! After several months, we finally bought a farm. My mother came to live with us. Such a wonderful place, in the bush electricity ! The first 2 years, I remember my mother and I cooking jellies using oil lamps at night because during the day we were outside cutting wood. After those years, we got solar energy. Much easier life but more and more busy gardening and preparing jars and jars. Every day, when we wake up, we have this feeling that we are dreaming. We realized our dream of living with nature, eating healthy food and being in shape as never before. We enjoy watching our daughter riding her horse and often we thank her for having been so wise.

Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)
At El Camino Farm, all the work is done by hand. We have helpers all year around who come from Canada, United States, Europe, Africa and even far as Singapore ! They come to get energetic therapy, to work physically (sometimes like they never did before) and to eat garden vegetables that they grow. Some persons stay 2 weeks, some stay 6 months. Growing vegetables naturally needs a huge amount of work. We could not have all these products if they would not help us. For 4 years now we have been inspected by the Health Unit of the Agriculture Ministry. Every year, we do a water analysis and each recipe has a lot number (as you can see under the jars). We are actually building a commercial kitchen and the root cellar is now effective.

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I just love the down to earthiness of all the people and the food here! This is an honest to goodness revolution, and it's happening in our pantries and in our browsers... a must for the socially conscious gourmet or those who just plain love to eat ! 

Janie McDonals

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