Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certified Fresh Roasted Coffee- 340g packages                                   

Craig Hall
9a Houston Drive
Almonte, ON K0A1A0

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613-256-5960 (home)

Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)
Our products are Certified Organic and Fair Trade. All of the coffees we purchase from Cooperatives from around the world are Fair Trade Certified and Certified Organic, meaning the farmers get a fair price for their work, the health of the earth and the farmers is protected by the organic production practices, and some funds also go to community projects in each producer community.
The green coffee beans are then fresh-roasted in small batches at our facility in Almonte.

Additional Information
We generate 2-3 green coffee bags a week of coffee chaff and we give it out to anyone who wants it for their gardens free of charge. We recycle paper, cardboard, plastics and cans at the curbside.

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I could not survive without the Ottawa Valley Food Coop as I am totally morally allergic to commercial supermarkets. Thank you all the producers for taking care of my family!

Jalaka Mally
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