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Greg Graham
Bristol, QC 

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About Us
Coronation Hall Cider Mills is a family-run operation, starting at the orchard and raspberry plantation (founded in 2002), down to the cider-making facility and the kitchen and tea-room where our treats are made. Opened in 2008, Coronation Hall is a fixture for community and cultural events, hosting everything from art exhibits, quilt shows, a theatre festival, and private weddings.

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Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)
Coronation Hall Cider Mills takes fresh apples and makes a sweet cider like you've never tasted before! Freshly pressed every week, our cider should be refrigerated or frozen when taken home. Preservative free, without a drop of sugar or water added, its how apples were meant to be drunk. Our facility is open to the public for tours and tastings 'right from the tap'. The orchard uses IPM (Integrated Pest Management) to minimize the use of pesticides. In the cider mill, there are no preservatives of any kind in our sweet apple ciders. We do not pasteurize the juice (as this destroys the flavour), but we do use ultraviolet technology to ensure the killing of any illness-bearing bacteria. In the orchard, every tree gets dormant oil sprayed in the early spring (mineral oil), to suffocate any overwintering insects. Through the summer, soap-and-water is used as a preventative spray against soft-bodied insects. Grass is kept short to discourage pest like mice, and all diseased wood is burned to discourage spread. Pesticide is used only as a spot treatment on specific trees that require it, and the fruit itself is not sprayed.

Additional Information
Come visit us - we have the cleanest, most open food processing facility you've ever seen, and we are always more than happy to give tours to the public. We also produce a beautiful, clear, dry, English Cider (5.5% alc. vol.) which unfortunatley we are not allowed by provincial law to sell in Ontario. These inter-provincial trade barriers have been challenged in court, but until the matter is settled, we would not sell our 'hard' cider on your website at this moment. It is, however, always available at our site.

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I could not survive without the Ottawa Valley Food Coop as I am totally morally allergic to commercial supermarkets. Thank you all the producers for taking care of my family!

Jalaka Mally
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