Kim Groskleg & Gary Schmidt
Alder Creek Farm

Golden Lake, ON 

620 Roesler Rd
Golden Lake, ON K0J 1X0
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Product Types: At Alder Creek Farm, we grow naturally raised lamb.  

About Us
We are fortunate to be the fourth generation to farm our family homestead. Upon permanently moving here in 1997, we adopted a lifestyle of growing our own vegetables and raising our own meat products. It is rather humourous how we got started in the sheep farming business. The farm was originally a beef operation. When our daughters were young, we bought two lambs as pets. Now at peak times, we have 120 sheep on the farm!!! For several years, we hosted a Sheep 4H Club so as many children as possible could learn about and get to know sheep. We kept our two pets Snowball and Dipsy for 10 years. They were Special to say the least. Now we shepherd a flock of 50 Dorset ewes. We have wonderful and rich green pastures available from May through to October. During the winter, the flock have free access to both indoor and outdoor large areas. We feed mostly our own hay and silage that we grow on our own farm. We do not use chemical fertilizers.  


Just Awesome Fresh Local Lamb!!!

Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)
Our farm practices incorporate as much as possible, natural rearing and grazing systems. During the summer months, we rotate pastures to help ensure that our flock has enough forage to last throughout the summer months. In the fall when the quality of forage in our pastures is poor, the flock is introduced to standing oats, peas and barley. This feed helps the ewes to go into the breeding season in good condition. Lambs are weaned at about 3 months of age when they are eating hay and grain to sustain themselves. This is also done at 3 months so their mothers are not taxed too much and can remain healthy. We grow most of our own hay and silage. 

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I just love the down to earthiness of all the people and the food here! This is an honest to goodness revolution, and it's happening in our pantries and in our browsers... a must for the socially conscious gourmet or those who just plain love to eat ! 

Janie McDonals

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