Comb-ripened unpastuerized Honey (Light and Buckwheat), Beeswax Candles. Roasting garlic is now available. Beekeeping courses offered - Spring 2012.

Alice & Jim Anderson
35548 Hwy 41
Eganville, ON K0J1T0

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613-628-2890 (home)

About Us
We have been producing local honey for over thirty years. Jim has also been a bee inspector for most of this time, and is a breeder of mite-resistant queen bees. Courses in practical beekeeping for beginners are offered in June at Tanglewood Honey. Contact us at Tanglewood Honey if you would like to learn how to manage bees, contribute to local pollination, and make your own delicious honey!

Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)
Our honey comes from our own beeyards in the Eganville area, full of wildflowers and tree blossoms.

Tanglewood honey is unpasteurized, and our bees are raised naturally. Only natural deterrents (formic acid, naturally occurring in bees and ants) are used to prevent bee mites, along with careful breeding of mite-resistant queen bees. An antibiotic is used in the fall to prevent 'foul brood', but this is totally broken down in two weeks, and honey is only extracted in the spring.

We package our honey in re-useable, recycle-able glass jars.

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Buying through the Ottawa Valley Food Co-op (OVFC) is important to me. By making a monthly pick up, I not only save on gas driving around the county picking up food, I know where it comes from. Having a relationship with producers, close by, means that if I have a concern about a product I know where to go for answers. Local producers live in the community and pay taxes here. They are invested and that feels right. I also have a better chance at obtaining food and products that are more healthful and less likely to harm me and the place I live.

It just makes so much sense.

Lynne Epps

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