Organic Grass-Fed, Free-Range Lamb, Free-Range Pork                                                

Tom & Helen White
9072 Hwy 60
Eganville, ON K0j 1t0

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About Us
In 2003 we started farming with no experience but a dream to feed our two children healthy food. We bought 20 ewes and a ram and the following year had all kinds of adventures we never imagined we could have. Our parents from England and Newfoundland have many tales to tell their friends of the silly things that happen on our farm. In 2004 we started raising Turkeys and chickens for meat and eggs and had all the animals walking with us around the farm. The kids thought it was the best ever!! In 2005 we had babies coming out of eggs: ducks, chickens, geese and loads of lambs. Every year we take the baby lambs to school to show my kids classes and they all laugh with glee. In 2008 we started raising pigs and loved it. In 2009 we bought a boar Peter for our two girls Polly and Pepsi. Some more piglets to raise for meat which are ready now for people to enjoy. We also had our own babies in the fall 2009 which will be ready this summer/fall 2010. In 2009 our friends gave us a peacock and peahen and in the fall another one arrived from somewhere.( But she's happy to be here and we are happy to have her). Welcome to our bit of paradise or the funny farm.

We raise lamb here on our family farm. We also raise Pigs and Turkey, Chickens and layers from day old and they are free-ranged.

Our pigs are raised as a family, outside all year with shelter in the winter. They eat grass, roots, grains, pumpkins, vegetables and eggs.The finished product definitely tastes wonderful!!! Just shows what happy, healthy living can do.

We don't use hormones, antibiotics and steroids.

We are members of the soil and nutrient management program and have a farm plan. We don't use fertilizer or any chemicals on our land as we don't believe in it and value our health and that of our children. The animals all spread natural fertilizer freely wherever they go.

Nature irrigates for us as rain and we don't grow crops just grass.

Our farm is our bit of paradise, every field is surrounded by trees and they are wonderful for shelter, for food (apple trees), cedar, and the wildlife.

Our animals go to McGarroch slaughter house for provincially inspected processing.

Additional Information
GRASS-FED Meat is leaner,has less Omega6 Fatty Acids(bad fatty acids) and more Omega3 Fatty Acids(good fatty acids) and Conjugated linoleic acids. Both Omega3 and Conjugated linoleic acids(these CLA's are linked to cancer prevention) reduce the risk of heart disease. In addition GRASS-FED ANIMALS have more antioxidants: VitaminE and Beta Carotene. Introducing grain into the diet of a pastured animal reduces the amount of benefits derived from grass finished animals and increases the amount of e.coli present.

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Buying through the Ottawa Valley Food Co-op (OVFC) is important to me. By making a monthly pick up, I not only save on gas driving around the county picking up food, I know where it comes from. Having a relationship with producers, close by, means that if I have a concern about a product I know where to go for answers. Local producers live in the community and pay taxes here. They are invested and that feels right. I also have a better chance at obtaining food and products that are more healthful and less likely to harm me and the place I live.

It just makes so much sense.

Lynne Epps

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