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Login to order #5855 Conditioning Bar Conditioning Bar
Order number of Bars. Our solid conditioning bar is formulated with premium and organic ingredients. The addition of silk peptides and Vitamin Pro-V5 adds to the luxuriousness of this bar. It moisturizes, conditions, strengthens and detangles all hair types including fine, curly, frizzy, and chemically treated hair.

$8.00/65 g
Login to order #5986 Hair Envii Hair Envii
Order number of 25 mls. Hair Envii is a must have for your hair care routine. Rich in amino and fatty acids and packed with vitamins and nutrients, this formula improves the quality of your hair, and provides nourishment and shine for dry, brittle and damaged hair. When used as a leave on conditioner, it gives your hair a moisture boost, helps control frizz and protects from heat styling. For extra gloss and to smooth frizz and fly-aways, rub a a drop or two between your palms and smooth through the hair and tips. Even distribution is the key to avoiding greasy hair. To help with hair growth and for a relaxing scalp massage, add a few drops (more or less depending on thickness and length of hair) to scalp and massage. Use two or three times weekly for best results. For a deep conditioning treatment that won't leave your hair flat and lifeless, apply generously from root to tips and leave in for several hours. Wash and style as usual. Or do a warm oil treatment by applying generously as above, put on a shower cap, and wrap your head in a warm towel (dampen towel microwave a few seconds at a time until desired temperature is reached). Leave on 20 minutes minimum. Wash and style as usual.

$20.00/25 ml
Login to order #5856 Luxurious Shampoo Bar Luxurious Shampoo Bar
Order number of Bars. Eliminate plastic bottles and take care of your hair with our high-end solid shampoo. Formulated with premium oils, it will return moisture and balance to your hair, leaving it soft and silky. Good for all hair type. Contains rosemary and peppermint essential oils.

$7.00/80 g