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Kathy Flagler
85 Ashby Lake Rd., RR#1
Cloyne, ON K0H 1K0

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About Us
I wanted to be my own boss and I enjoy animals, my daughter's mother-in-law raised rabbits at the time and after talking to her and investigating I decided to try raising rabbits. That was three years ago and now I have about 200 rabbits at any time and also raise meatbirds,lambs and have 30 laying hens. I have this year expanded to several new markets and thought the OVFC might be a more year round means of marketing my rabbits. I also quilt and sew for market. I have 3 grandchildren, the youngest of whom loves helping with the animals when she is with us.

Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)
I raise my rabbits as humanely as possible and use only hay and rabbit pellets for feed. I would love for my rabbits to be free range, that is however, not possible largely due to the fact that they love to burrow and have very strong claws for digging, also would be hard to keep track of all the does and their young. I try to keep all my remedies for any illnesses as natural as possible but, there are times when medications are needed to save them. Rabbits have very delicate digestive systems and it doesn't take much to stress them, which can cause them to become ill. I like to let people come and see our set up but have to be careful not to upset the does or have any illnesses spread to my rabbitry.

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Buying through the Ottawa Valley Food Co-op (OVFC) is important to me. By making a monthly pick up, I not only save on gas driving around the county picking up food, I know where it comes from. Having a relationship with producers, close by, means that if I have a concern about a product I know where to go for answers. Local producers live in the community and pay taxes here. They are invested and that feels right. I also have a better chance at obtaining food and products that are more healthful and less likely to harm me and the place I live.

It just makes so much sense.

Lynne Epps

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