Fresh Roasted Fair Trade Coffee, Baking                                                                

Kim & Adam McKinty
1715 Calabogie Rd
Burnstown, ON K0J 1G0

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About Us
Neat Coffee Shop is located in the old schoolhouse in the centre of Burnstown. We opened our doors in June of 2008 with our fresh-roasted Fair Trade coffee, and then added wood-fired oven Pizza, and sweets.

Everything we do and make is centered around three core tenets:

Quality Approach. We strive for high quality coffee beans, food and goods. We select premium ingredients and work in small lots to give us control over the result.

Fairness. We are aware of the origins of our produce and products. We take care to ensure we purchase items and produce that are made fairly. We train and pay our employees well and encourage their growth.

Community. We are active members of the community. Local trades people were used exclusively in the renovations. Richard White a local designer was utilized to design the space (present and future). We support the artist community as we can and we aim to have a local option for every item we sell. Our local summer market is our way of trying to get more local products into the hands of more people.

We use premium ingredients and always local when it is available. Locally, we use elk from Carp, bison from Pembroke, Beef from Cobden, Honey and eggs from White Lake and honey from Tanglewood as well. We use vegetables from Springtown, White Lake and Cobden in season.

Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)
We use no preservatives, our products are all natural. Everything is prepared in a health inspected kitchen. We make small lots that allow us to consistently control our quality. Our coffees are all fairly traded, some Fair Trade Certified.

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I could not survive without the Ottawa Valley Food Coop as I am totally morally allergic to commercial supermarkets. Thank you all the producers for taking care of my family!

Jalaka Mally
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