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 Organic non-certified herbal teas and liquid extracts all from our farm, all natural cosmetic and therapeutic products

Mariane Desjardins- Roy
Herboristerie La Fee des Bois Botanicals

C-34 ch Greermount

Clarendon, QC J0X 2Y0
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819-647-2093 (home)
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About Us

I study in herbalism for 3 years in Montreal and then come back in the Outaouais area to find a old farm house, and start my own little business of medicinal plants and natural products. It is now been 3 years that I start the business, one year ago I finally found the farm, and now I'm slowly but surely getting things growing and building here. We are farming medicinal plants on 3 acres of field and harvesting wild plants from our 65 acres forest. Starting next spring, I will reintroduce plants that are now very rare but that use to grow in abundance around here. I'm also slowly starting to grow medicinal mushroom in the forest. All the wild harvest is made with a lot of respect for the plants and we will do the same with the plants that we will reintroduce, leaving behind a lot off them, so they can repopulate the forest! We use to be certified organic, but for a financial and paperwork reason, we decide to not be certified anymore but grow everything without ANY chemicals products. We use our mostly our own plants for fertilizing and pest control! We grow all our organic medicinal plants at the farm and transform them into herbal teas, tinctures and all organic, all natural, cosmetic and therapeutic products.

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- organic plants, from our gardens - honey and beeswax from Outaouais beekeepers: Sempels honey (soon from our farm) - certified organic sunflower oil from Quebec - organic non- certified hemp oil from Ontario - certified organic hydrolats from Quebec: - essential oils (most of them certified organic) - certified organic aloe vera gel and juice - organic non-certified butters(shea and cocoa) from fair trade (non-certified) - vodka and 93% alcool(tincture) - olive oil (soon all replace by hemp from Ontario) - coconut oil - baking soda - epsom salt (bath bombs) - clay - citric acid (bath bombs) - potassium sorbate (lotion)

Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)
I believe in using only natural ingredients and the more local as possible! All the plants extracts and herbal teas are from our organic fields, honey and bees wax from our neighbours (soon from the farm) , that are artisanal honey producers, organic hemps oil from from Ontario, organic hydrolat and some essential oils from near Quebec city, etc. We never use soy, canola and/or corn oils, because of the GMO issues. We use sunflower oil in some products, and we buy it from a organic producer near Montreal. We choose to never use palm oil because of it impact on tropical forest. We are thinking about replacing all the olive oil for the hemp and or sunflower in a near future! This way the products will be almost entirely made from local ingredients, except for the aloes gel, coco oil, cacao butter, shea butter and some essential oil. Most of our ingredients are certified organic and the cacao and shea are fair-trade, since we only almost buy directly from small scale farming families, so the money go directly to them and not in other people pockets.

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Supporting local, sustainable agriculture is so important to us and the OVFC makes it remarkably easy to do so. It’s wonderful that we have the chance to reconnect with the community that we know and love even though we’re no longer living right in the valley.  The Co-op is one of the things we miss most about Renfrew County, so I was more than delighted to learn that you were adding a pick-up location in Ottawa. 

Sara Kowalski MacLellan

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